Make sure you have all the answers and data to back it up!

Information is the lifeblood of company's existence and success. We fully understand the need to protect and store all of this data. Regulatory bodies that govern financial firms enforce strict guidelines on what should be archived and for how long, which data is considered sensitive and how it should be protected.

We can help you develop and/or implement an archiving and/or storage solutions that will allow you to recover your data quickly should disaster strike. If you prefer to retain your data onsite, or use one of the few well respected SAAS vendors we can help you choose. Our solutions will allow you to sleep at night knowing that all of the the key information (i.e. Instant Messages, Email, etc) will be easy to archive and retrieve.

Cybersecurity has also been a big focus area of regulators like the SEC, FINRA, Sarbanes Oxley, etc. Let us help you develop your policies and procedures, develop the strategy and help implement the controls to secure your data.

  • Determine what you should be archiving and how long you need to retain that data.
  • Develop a long term storage solution.
  • Train and provide documentation for storage and retrieval of your data.
  • Develop policies and procedures required to satisfy and/or exceed regulator's expectations