Cloud Computing

Why manage a huge data center?

We're sure you've heard the term cloud computing, but do you know what it means?

Did you know that there were different types of clouds? For example:

Private Cloud
Yes you can have your own private cloud, either in your own data center or on public services like Amazon EC2 or Microsoft Azure.
Hybrid Cloud
Some here, some there, no need to host everything at your site. Want to keep your costs down? Take advantage of public cloud services to run those non critical applications.
Public Cloud
Don't let the word "Public" fool you. Sure you'll be fully utilizing public cloud vendors, but remember these guys can carve out a piece of the infrastructure and put it in a bubble so only you have access to it.

We can help you move some of or all of your data to the cloud. Want to build your own private cloud and leverage your infrastructure at a reduced cost? We're really good at that. All we have to say is thank you to the folks with the vision to virtualize everything. They helped us help you, so now it's time to put us to work.